Tuesday, June 23, 2009

When we go camping, it will rain.

Fawna Harris---We thought that it would be 10% chance of rain, but the weather we had this morning proved us wrong. Odd thing, though, it didn't last very long.

Emily Fite--- It rained a lot last night. It seems like it rains everywhere that we go. Other than that I am having a great time. I miss my puppy though :(

Mike Hula: Well you obviously now know that it rained. So I'll be interesting and talk about food. We made hott doggs and Hamboogers...

Gabby Murnan---Having oodles of fun; can't wait to see the rest of the Badlands!

Devin Schulze--- I hate when it rains on a camping trip. At least it was during the night and we didnt have to cancel anything

Kristina Willis--- Rained way too much last night. Going hiking today and cant wait to see all the landscape and wildlife.

When they say it rained.....it was STORMING. There was a nice lightning show and lots of rain. All went away this morning and it is hot and sunny here at 8:30 AM. We are off to the visitor center and then for some "free-range" hiking. ---Mr. Perez

Devin Schulze--- Still hate the rain. Not a good feeling when you put your tent under a tree during a lightning storm.


  1. I really hope you will have lots of fun exploring. Rain can be great! Love South Dakota. As we were growing up there, we called it God's Country. Some of us said "Only God would want it." Not me! Sometimes I really miss it. Have fun. Love all of you.

  2. Thanks for the update's. My wife was reading to me as I was washing dishes :( Keep up the fun exploring....Remember when you go visit Mt. Rushmore that you don't try to find the National Treasure like the movie!!! Hope you are all having fun. Heat today was 105 Heat index.....so you're not missing much here. Get some good pictures at Wall Drug!

    Mr. Bishop