Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 1 - We made it to Badlands National Park!

Today we left and it was 5 in the morning way before the sun rose. Driving for about 15 hours we arrived at the Badlands it was very pretty to see and amazed all of us.----Kristina Willis

I can not wait to sleep at night ---william newport

No sleep and a car full of goober's. It was a fun 15 hour drive. I hope we sing again on the car ride back. --- Devin Schulze

So far, it was fun and I think the rest of the trip would be too.---Fawna Harris

It has been a long day even though I slept most of the way here but its been exciting also. Cant wait for tomorrow :)---Emily Fite

Drive was long, kids were great, camp is set up and dinner done. Ashfall was exciting and different this time. We will post some pics tomorrow. It will be a cool night...we will all sleep well! --- Mr. Perez

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  1. Glad you made it & I hope its much cooler than Pittsburg is, cant imagine hiking in 100 degree weather. Emily, I'm taking good care of your puppy Chloe, she went in your room looking for you this morning. Everone take care & enjoy yourselves. G. Curl