Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 5: 5-Mile Hike and Lakota Visitor Center...

Will Newport--- I worked on my tan today, trying to even it out. No success on the back of my thighs luckily everyone had their sunglasses. We went hiking and it started out pretty fun out in the morning because I was the alpha-male. And i felt like the leader of the pack. I was able to do the laundry because our tent fell down and broke now i feel homeless, living in the van down by white river

Kristina Willis--- Our hike today was really fun we were able to see much of the landscape of the badlands. When we were done hiking I was still wanting more but we came back and went swimming which felt amazing after being outside for awhile. The Lakota Tribe that we visited was really down to earth and showed us a side of history that we don't get learn in school. Wish i could stay another week!

Gabby Murnan--- Spectacular hike+ yummy food+ Lakota Tribe=Good day.

Fawna Harris--Today was hot and tiring for some people. We went to do a 5 mile hike and we learned about the Sioux tribe (also known as the Lakota tribe). It was a little bit better in the afternoon and we had fun swimming after the hike. All in all, we had a good day.

Emily Fite---We went on the 5 mile hike today. It was SOO hot and very exoshting. Overall I have loved this trip a lot!!! I am ready to go home though. :)

Ashley Finkbeiner--- The five mile hike was fun until the end. It was so hot in the end everyone was tired. Then we had to fit all 11 people in one van no fun. we almost saw a tornado touch down it was kinda kool. We also saw a double rainbow. The week was fun but I'm glad to be going home.

Devin Schulze--- Ha! Got a great a tan after our 5 mile hike, unfortunately I'm white where the backpack stripes were at. The food we had today was delicious, hope I get to cook something good when I get back to Pittsburg.

The kids don't know it...but the hike is to wear them out!!! HAHAHA! No...really they had a great time and did an awesome job. This has been a great group to work with and bring on this trip. They have had so much fun and we all have learned a little bit more about each other. Our visit to the Lakota Center was an eye opener for the kids. In fact, it was a history lesson they never get to hear. It seems that history is sometimes very one-sided and this time they got to hear the other side. They are now more aware of the history of this particular nation, the Lakota, and the history of their existence. The kids were also made aware of the hardships they currently have and levels of poverty that exist in this part of the country. We had an experience today that will probably stay with them for a while. On our drive there, we passed through a very small town. On our way through the town we drove by an individual that was laying in the ditch, not moving. I quickly pulled over to assist and found the person to be unconscious but breathing. Another car pulled over and called the police. The police came and said this particular person does this all the time. I helped get the person into the police car and they were being taken to jail in Rapid City. The officer told me it happens a lot here and told me not to be too surprised to see it again if we passed through. The Lakota really make an effort to educate people and have built a very successful college that offers many types of degrees. This is their way of building up their economy and trying to make many needed changes.
Our time here has been great. The kids have had their fun, and are now ready to come home!

---Mr. Perez

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